Live-Action Video Game Laser Tag – What is it?

Here at Lazer Warz we have a unique set of laser tag equipment that allows our guests to play like they are in their favorite, first person shooter video games.

You compete in Free-for-Alls, Team Battles, Super-Soldier conflicts, or our Zombie like game called Infection.

As you play, you start off with basic weapon selections and then you can level up to open up more advanced weapons.  That’s right, we are just like a video game.  In addition, you can also earn prizes for free play, tee-shirts, or even battles against our team.  The top prize to be earned is a laser tag party for 8.

How does this work?

Well, first you need to create your own personal “Call Sign”.  Then when you come to play, you start at the level you ended at your last session and begin to earn more experience points (XP).

There are Android and Apple apps to keep track of your experience.

Our tactical laser tag is mission based gaming experience that will have your heart pumping and brain thinking. We play a variation of mission from team battle, free for all, capture the flag, and our newest game mode INFECTION! Each mission requires you to learn how to work as a team to complete your objective and win the game. It’s fast, fun, and can be played almost anywhere!

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Our Laser Tag Equipment is Different!

The Battle Rifle Pro is the latest innovation in tactical laser tag and it works great indoors and outdoors! This means you can battle anywhere. With rumble feedback, multiple gun type presets, and a host customizable game play features this equipment allows Lazer Warz to create an a unique live combat gaming experience!

Exciting Mission Based Game Modes