Lazer Warz has been bringing tactical laser tag to the Portland area since 2013 as a mobile laser tag company.
Scott would drive his 96 Saturn to the event, unload his car, setup a field and then run laser tag for 1 or more hours in backyards, local parks, churches, schools, office buildings, and even a Whole Foods Grocery Store.

Then in the summer of 2015 a laser tag facility closed in Vancouver, WA, forcing everyone who wanted to play to cross the bridges and head into Portland.  So, we decided that Lazer Warz would open a location in Vancouver.
After months of searching, we found our location and opened our doors in March 2016.
Now the parties that were required to be mobile can be either mobile or at our location.
We also expanded our offerings to include open-play laser tag, an arcade, video game consoles, and a party area.
20160317_19541620160302_110538Wii Station
We plan lots of expansion in the future and we grow in our community.
So what about our laser tag equipment?
Our field is full of inflatable barriers but the real fun is caused by using the Battle Rifle Pro.  It looks and feels cool from a distance, but once we setup the tagger, the fun really begins.  There are many weapon types available for games, including
  1. standard battle rifle – a semi-automatic rifle with good power and range
  2. heavy machine gun – quick firing, decent range, decent power
  3. sniper rifle – slow loading, but one-shot kill tagger
and many others
Our game types include free-for-alls, team elimination, inflection, VIP.