Real Life Video Game

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Helen looked over her kitchen island and sighed. She had a problem. Her daughter had been having a rough time adjusting to high school. In middle school, she’d had a bunch of friends and had been part of a few clubs. But her friends had ended up at a different high school and she hadn’t really made any new ones at this school. Lisa had gotten quieter in the first few weeks of the school year, talking less and less about her day. Now all Helen got was a subdued “fine” when she asked how school had been.

Helen just wasn’t sure how to help. There were a couple kids Lisa had said hi to when Helen dropped her off in the morning, but she hadn’t asked anyone to come over after school or asked to study with someone. She hadn’t even really talked with her old friends since classes started. She’d simply shut herself up in her room.

With another sigh, Helen went back to opening the mail. Bill, bill, junk, bill. She opened an envelope and was surprised to find a card inside. “Help celebrate Jacob Collins’ birthday at Lazer Warz!” it read, listing an address and a date. Collins was the last name of one of the moms Helen had met at the PTA meetings. She seemed to remember a shy-looking boy waiting for her after the meetings who Lisa had waved at once or twice.

“Hey Lisa?” Helen said, knocking on her door. “Can I come in for a sec?”

“Yeah,” Lisa called back.

Helen pushed open the door, finding Lisa lying in the bed, a gaming controller next to her. “Hey, you got an invite to a birthday party on Saturday.”

Lisa shrugged. “I think everyone in my class was invited to that. They’re just being nice.”

Helen sat on the bed next to her. “It could still be fun. Looks like they’re doing laser tag. It’s like those games you enjoy but in real life.”

Lisa rolled her eyes at her mom’s comment but she looked contemplative. “I really think it’d be good for you to meet up with some kids outside of school,” Helen added gently. “If you hate it, you can tell me you feel sick and I’ll take you home and I won’t make you do something like this again. But I think you might like it.”

Lisa was quiet for a few moments but finally she nodded. “I can’t promise to have fun. But I’ll go,” she says. Helen squeezes her hand and then heads back downstairs.


“Okay so we’ve got Red Team vs Blue Team,” the Lazer Warz employee said, explaining the game to the teenagers waiting in front of him. Helen saw Lisa, looking nervous, standing with her team. Everyone had been introduced as the arrived so the kids knew who they were playing with.

“Well that’s it. Go ahead and everybody go in. The game will start in just a minute.” The kids dispersed into the blow-up obstacles. Helen saw a brunette boy stop Lisa and they conferred before finding the spots they wanted to start. When the game started, the boy and Lisa worked as a team, taking people out while everyone else seemed to scatter. They covered each other and at the end, it was their team that won. Helen saw the first genuine smile she’d seen on her daughter’s face in a long time.

Lisa was practically bouncing as she rushed up to where the parents were sitting. “Mom, Mom did you see us? We were like bam! And they were like ah! And that was so cool!” The boy she’d talked with before called her name and she ran back for another round.

In the end, the parents practically had to drag the kids away at the end of the party. Lisa had a small group chatting with her as they headed for the door. Helen hung back a few moments, giving them longer to talk.

As the other kids dispersed, Helen and Lisa head toward the car. “This was so awesome and Sam and Tammy asked if we could hang out this week and we totally have to do this again. Can we come back next weekend? We could see if Andrew and Hannah want to come too and…” She continued talking, hardly pausing for breath.

Helen hid a smile. Thanks Lazer Warz.

Story by Ashleigh McKenna

Spring Break is March 31-April 9 … and we have some deals

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With Spring Break just about to arrive, we want to announce our Spring Break savings for you.

Monday-Thursday you save 25% off of our regular rates of $12/half-hour, $20/hour, or $30/ALL-DAY* Pass.

If you check in at Lazer Warz on your favorite Social Media site and show our cashier, you will receive $1.50 off for every 1/2 hour purchased (up to an additional $4.50 off an ALL-DAY pass).  Each transaction must have a separate check-in.  Limit one check-in per transaction.

These offers are not valid for party purchases, but can be used for same day party upgrades.

*For our ALL-DAY passes, we do put a limit on how many we sell at one time and after the first 90 minutes you are on our “wait list” and play whenever we have taggers available.  Our are free to come and go from our facility all day.

In other Lazer Warz news…. we are expanding our hours, starting with Spring Break and opening our doors at 11:00 AM for Open Play on non-school days starting April 1st.  No Joke!

Need an inexpensive party option?

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When you schedule a party at Lazer Warz on a Monday through Thursday evening (when school is in session in Vancouver), you can get the best party rate around.

The price is just $12/tagger, minimum of 8.  That is a $40 savings from our normal $136 rate.

You can still get our party room for $50 and our Exclusive Use option ($20-$60).

In order to book, just go to our Book-Now page and select your date for between Monday and Thursday (school days only) for 5:00 pm or later.

And let the savings begin!

March Mayhem at Lazer Warz!

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Of course March is known for Madness and for the start of Spring.  We at Lazer Warz want to bring a special offer.

On any Monday through Thursday you can play “all-day” for just $12/person.  That’s up to four hours of laser tag for the price of our normal half-hour session.

This is good for up to 20 people each day, so the earlier you come to purchase, the better.

This offer will only last through the month of March so take advantage of it while you can.

This offer is not valid with any other offer and is only valid during our Open Play times.  If someone schedules a party for those evenings, there will be further limits.  Fundraising nights are also not included.

You can only purchase on the day you want to play.

Now is your chance to play as much laser tag as you want, while the promotion lasts in March.

Check out our Christmas Break and 2017 Offerings!

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Christmas Break Savings

All During Christmas Break (starting 12/16/16-1/2/17) … Open Play Savings!

$7 for 1/2 hour, $12 for 1 hour, $18 for all day pass – subject to OPEN PLAY Availability. You may call on the day to reserve a spot, we only take same day reservations for this rate.

Tournaments – we will be having tournaments on 12/15, 12/22, 12/29 and 1/1/17.  Price is $10/player (3 players needed) or $8/player for early sign-ups.

We will also continue our Thursday drawings for a free party for 8.  Some come in often to play to increase your chances to win!  You will get double the entries by playing on a Monday – Thursday!

Gift Certificates

You may purchase gift certificates as Christmas gifts.  The savings will end Dec 23rd!

30% off any party package – purchased at regular 2016 rates and good for 2017!
30% off any dollar amount gift!

50% off any Open Play Sessions (off of our normal rates)

Email with the details of what you would like to purchase.

New Party Pricing for 2017

Our party package pricing will be increasing as of January 1, 2017.  But you can book a party for anytime during 2017 at our 2016 rates by booking your party by December 31, 2016.

Our party rates will be as follows…
$50 – Party Area for 2 1/2 hours
$30 – Exclusive Use

$50 – Mobile Fee + $3/mile driving distance from our facility to the party location and back.

Taggers – 1 Hour of Play
Regular Rates (Fri-Sun)
8 Taggers   – $136
10 Taggers – $165
12 Taggers – $192
16 Taggers – $248
20 Taggers  $300
Extra Taggers at event $17

Extra Hour at $12/Tagger

Special Rates (Mon-Thurs – after 5:00 pm only)

$12/Tagger – minimum 8 Taggers

Tournaments for 2017

Our Tournaments will be moving to Sunday, starting on New Years Day!  Tournaments will start at 6:00 pm, registration ends at 5:30 pm.  Cost is $12/person for each member of the the 3-person team.  Early registration (ends on Saturdays) for just $10/person.  Price includes unlimited play after Tournament concludes (until closing time).

Prizes are based on the number of teams that register, but include up to a party for 8!

See here for details.

Prove you are the best! – Lazer Warz Tournaments

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Sunday evenings are Tournament nights!

We will be playing a 3-man, double-elimination tournament to determine who is the best team!

The tournament will start play at 6:00 pm on the first Sunday of the month.  You must register by 5:30 pm and can register at our front desk (even days before), by emailing, or calling 360-930-9706.

Entry fee is $36 ($12/person) and you will receive an “ALL-DAY” pass ($90 value) good for between 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm on the day of the tournament (so come early and get some practice in).  If you register 1 or more days early, you save $2 per person.

Final prizes will be determined by the number of entries, but will be a minimum of a 1 hour pass for each team member.

1-3 Teams playing

1st Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members! ($60 value)

4-6 Teams playing
1st Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members ($90 value)

2nd Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members ($60 value)

7-10 Teams playing
1st Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members + Free Entry into next week tournament ($120 value)
2nd Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members ($90 value)

3rd Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members ($60 value)

11 or more teams
1st Prize – Laser Tag party for 8 + All-Day passes for team members + Free Entry into next week tournament ($240 value)
2nd Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members + Free Entry into next week tournament ($120 value)
3rd Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members ($90 value)

4th Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members ($60 value)

Autumn Specials

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Our Autumn specials will be good from October 1 to December 15.

From Sunday 5:00 pm until Friday 5:00 pm we are offering the following rates…

All Day: $18; 1 Hour: $12; 1/2 Hour $7, Single Game $2.50

From Friday 5:00 pm until Sunday 5:00pm – Standard Rates

We will continue to have a 25% discount for the First Hour (good until 1 hour after Open Play starts) .

Final Hour rates (starting 1 1/4 hours prior to close time)…

1 Hour $10, 1/2 Hour $6, Single Game $2.25.

As always… you can book parties at any time and our rates are great deals!

Happy Hour and Final Hour Special Deals

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First Hour

Our First half-hour.  When you come in at our opening and purchase within the first 30 minutes, you can save 25% on any half-hour, hour, or all-day pass.

Our opening times are 5:00 pm on school days (Vancouver School District) and 1:00 pm all others.

You can call or email for the deal, but you must pay by 4:00 pm on school days and 12:00 pm all others in order to get the deal that way, and the deals are non-refundable.

This deal is not available on holidays or other special event days including…

Oct 28, 2016

Final Hour

If you come in and purchase  between 7:45 and 8:30 pm on School nights or 8:45 and 9:30 pm any other night, you can play for 1 hour for $10 or 1/2 hour for $6.  You must be in person to purchase this deal.

We will stay open long enough to get everyone in who purchases.

This deal is not available on holidays or other special event days including…

Oct 28, 2016

Team Reward/Team Building

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My team works hard and produces.  It is time to reward them for a job well done.

But I want more than to just reward them.  I want to create a team that are friends, because people work better when they like the people they work with.

How do I do this?

Let me tell you an experience I had back in the early 90’s.  I went to work for Zenith Data System (a computer manufacturer of the time), in one of their laptop groups.  We have about a dozen engineers working together on various projects.

A couple of these engineers had a hobby called paintball.  It is a game where they would go out into the woods and fight with each other with guns that shot exploding paint balls… thus the name.

They spent a lot of time at work trying to convince the rest of us to join in and several of us did.

What we found the experience, and afterwards, is that we grew close as a team because of the shared experience and the stories we could talk about afterwards.

But paintball has a problem.  It stings when you get shot and not everyone likes that experience.

Well I can think of an alternative.  You could do a nerf gun war, like this video.

But, man what a mess to clean up.

Or you could try laser tag.  Our laser tag plays games similar to paint-ball and feels like a live-action video game.

You could do this at your location, like our friends at Whole Foods did.

Or you could come to our location.

Either way, you will give your team and experience they will talk about for a long time.  That talking is where the real friendship happens.

So, whatever you decide, look for the opportunity to reward your team with an experience to get them talking.

If you are interested in more information about our offering, click here!

School is about to start!

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School starts back up this week!

Our hours are changing to our school year hours, but we are still available 24/7 for party bookings with 1 week notice for in house and 2 week notice for mobile.

To celebrate the start of school, for this week only, we will be charging $8 for 1 hour and $5 for 1/2 hour for Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Our hours this week…

Sunday (Aug 28): 3 – 9 pm – Summer Special Continues
Monday (Aug 29): 1 – 10 pm – Summer Special Continues
Tuesday (Aug 30):  1 – 9 pm – Summer Special Continues
Wednesday (Aug 31): 5 – 9 pm – Back to School Special*
Thursday (Sept 1): 5 – 9 pm – Back to School Special*
Friday (Sept 2): 5 – 10 pm – September Deals**
Saturday (Sept 3): 1 – 10 pm – September Deals**
Sunday (Sept 4): 1 – 10 pm – September Deals**

Monday (Sept 5):  1 – 9 pm – Labor Day Special***

In general, if school is open the next day, we close at 9 pm otherwise we close at 10 pm.
On a school day, we open at 5 pm and if school is closed, we open at 1 pm.

* To celebrate the start of school, We are offering some special deal.  On Wednesday (Aug 31) and Thursday (Sept 1) – Laser Tag will be $8/hour and $5/half-hour session.

** For September we are going to offer a special of $15/hour session or $9/half-hour Monday – Thursday.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we are discounting our normal $20/hour rate to $18 and our $12/half-hour to $10.

*** We will be open Labor Day (1 pm – 9 pm) and we will be offering a special of $10/hour and $6/half-hour session all day.

So enjoy these September savings.

If you want to save more, you can buy 10, 20 or 40 packs at even more savings.  Check it out HERE!