Prove you are the best! – Lazer Warz Tournaments

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Sunday evenings are Tournament nights!

We will be playing a 3-man, double-elimination tournament to determine who is the best team!

The tournament will start play at 6:00 pm on the first Sunday of the month.  You must register by 5:30 pm and can register at our front desk (even days before), by emailing, or calling 360-930-9706.

Entry fee is $36 ($12/person) and you will receive an “ALL-DAY” pass ($90 value) good for between 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm on the day of the tournament (so come early and get some practice in).  If you register 1 or more days early, you save $2 per person.

Final prizes will be determined by the number of entries, but will be a minimum of a 1 hour pass for each team member.

1-3 Teams playing

1st Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members! ($60 value)

4-6 Teams playing
1st Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members ($90 value)

2nd Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members ($60 value)

7-10 Teams playing
1st Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members + Free Entry into next week tournament ($120 value)
2nd Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members ($90 value)

3rd Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members ($60 value)

11 or more teams
1st Prize – Laser Tag party for 8 + All-Day passes for team members + Free Entry into next week tournament ($240 value)
2nd Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members + Free Entry into next week tournament ($120 value)
3rd Prize – 1 All-Day pass to all team members ($90 value)

4th Prize – 1 Hour pass to all team members ($60 value)

Autumn Specials

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Our Autumn specials will be good from October 1 to December 15.

From Sunday 5:00 pm until Friday 5:00 pm we are offering the following rates…

All Day: $18; 1 Hour: $12; 1/2 Hour $7, Single Game $2.50

From Friday 5:00 pm until Sunday 5:00pm – Standard Rates

We will continue to have a 25% discount for the First Hour (good until 1 hour after Open Play starts) .

Final Hour rates (starting 1 1/4 hours prior to close time)…

1 Hour $10, 1/2 Hour $6, Single Game $2.25.

As always… you can book parties at any time and our rates are great deals!

Happy Hour and Final Hour Special Deals

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First Hour

Our First half-hour.  When you come in at our opening and purchase within the first 30 minutes, you can save 25% on any half-hour, hour, or all-day pass.

Our opening times are 5:00 pm on school days (Vancouver School District) and 1:00 pm all others.

You can call or email for the deal, but you must pay by 4:00 pm on school days and 12:00 pm all others in order to get the deal that way, and the deals are non-refundable.

This deal is not available on holidays or other special event days including…

Oct 28, 2016

Final Hour

If you come in and purchase  between 7:45 and 8:30 pm on School nights or 8:45 and 9:30 pm any other night, you can play for 1 hour for $10 or 1/2 hour for $6.  You must be in person to purchase this deal.

We will stay open long enough to get everyone in who purchases.

This deal is not available on holidays or other special event days including…

Oct 28, 2016

Team Reward/Team Building

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My team works hard and produces.  It is time to reward them for a job well done.

But I want more than to just reward them.  I want to create a team that are friends, because people work better when they like the people they work with.

How do I do this?

Let me tell you an experience I had back in the early 90’s.  I went to work for Zenith Data System (a computer manufacturer of the time), in one of their laptop groups.  We have about a dozen engineers working together on various projects.

A couple of these engineers had a hobby called paintball.  It is a game where they would go out into the woods and fight with each other with guns that shot exploding paint balls… thus the name.

They spent a lot of time at work trying to convince the rest of us to join in and several of us did.

What we found the experience, and afterwards, is that we grew close as a team because of the shared experience and the stories we could talk about afterwards.

But paintball has a problem.  It stings when you get shot and not everyone likes that experience.

Well I can think of an alternative.  You could do a nerf gun war, like this video.

But, man what a mess to clean up.

Or you could try laser tag.  Our laser tag plays games similar to paint-ball and feels like a live-action video game.

You could do this at your location, like our friends at Whole Foods did.

Or you could come to our location.

Either way, you will give your team and experience they will talk about for a long time.  That talking is where the real friendship happens.

So, whatever you decide, look for the opportunity to reward your team with an experience to get them talking.

If you are interested in more information about our offering, click here!

School is about to start!

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School starts back up this week!

Our hours are changing to our school year hours, but we are still available 24/7 for party bookings with 1 week notice for in house and 2 week notice for mobile.

To celebrate the start of school, for this week only, we will be charging $8 for 1 hour and $5 for 1/2 hour for Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Our hours this week…

Sunday (Aug 28): 3 – 9 pm – Summer Special Continues
Monday (Aug 29): 1 – 10 pm – Summer Special Continues
Tuesday (Aug 30):  1 – 9 pm – Summer Special Continues
Wednesday (Aug 31): 5 – 9 pm – Back to School Special*
Thursday (Sept 1): 5 – 9 pm – Back to School Special*
Friday (Sept 2): 5 – 10 pm – September Deals**
Saturday (Sept 3): 1 – 10 pm – September Deals**
Sunday (Sept 4): 1 – 10 pm – September Deals**

Monday (Sept 5):  1 – 9 pm – Labor Day Special***

In general, if school is open the next day, we close at 9 pm otherwise we close at 10 pm.
On a school day, we open at 5 pm and if school is closed, we open at 1 pm.

* To celebrate the start of school, We are offering some special deal.  On Wednesday (Aug 31) and Thursday (Sept 1) – Laser Tag will be $8/hour and $5/half-hour session.

** For September we are going to offer a special of $15/hour session or $9/half-hour Monday – Thursday.  On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we are discounting our normal $20/hour rate to $18 and our $12/half-hour to $10.

*** We will be open Labor Day (1 pm – 9 pm) and we will be offering a special of $10/hour and $6/half-hour session all day.

So enjoy these September savings.

If you want to save more, you can buy 10, 20 or 40 packs at even more savings.  Check it out HERE!

I am planning a party and looking for ideas

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There is a special birthday coming up and you want to surprise someone.

Or maybe its a graduation, bachelor or bachelorette party, or you just want to celebrate someone special.

It may be your kid, your fiancée, your best friend, etc.

There are many choices out there, but you are looking for something different and unique.

Look towards the interests of that special person, for whom you are dedicating the party.

Pick decorations and activities around that theme that they will enjoy, or adapt the theme to the highlight of what you want to do.

The real key is the love you put into the project, never lose sight of that.

If that person is into the military, police, shooter-type video games, Star Wars, or high-intensity sports, we may just what you need.

We offer laser tag parties for 8 to 20 people at our facility or at a location of your choice.

You can come to our place and use our field and optionally rent our party area.  We don’t serve food, but allow you to bring whatever you want.  Or you can just come for the laser tag and continue your celebration back at home.

If you are really adventurous, you can invite us to bring laser tag to your place.

We guarantee a great time and a party they won’t soon forget.

Check out our offerings HERE or fill out our book a party form and get the party started!

My Kids need more exercise.

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We all know that exercise is important, both to us and to our kids.

I like this article on the benefits of exercise.

Everyday it seems to be the same. You get home from work and the kids are sitting in front of the computer or in front of the TV. Couch potatoes.

You tell them to go outside and play and they make excuses. Just let me finish the show or let me get to the next level.

The next thing you know, its bedtime and they haven’t gotten any exercise all day.

How can you change this?

It’s true that there are many free ways of getting them the exercise, but sometimes its just hard to motivate them without an incentive that means something to them.

What if exercise was like playing a live-action video game?

What if you could do this for minimal cost?

We at Lazer Warz understand what you are going through. I have kids and know how hard it can be to get them moving.

We also have a solution. A plan you can try.

Bring them here to enjoy a type of laser tag that plays like a live-action video game. They create their own in-game player and gain experience points as they run on our field shooting the competition. They more points they gain, the more prizes they open up. That could mean advanced gun types, tee-shirts, free-play, or the opportunity to challenge our staff. Earn enough points and they may even get a party for 8 of their friends. Check out more HERE.

Cost can be as little as $10/hour to play (or less if you use our all-day pass approach). You can find out more about our location and prices HERE.

Let’s get those kids moving today!

If you are a repeat guest, you can save more…

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Have you come to Lazer Warz and enjoyed playing here?

Would you come more often if you could save money off our regular prices?

We offer bulk opportunities for purchasing laser tag sessions

You can buy packages of 10, 20, or 40 sessions, either 1/2 hour or 1 hour, or even all day!.

10 1/2 Hour Sessions

$ 108

10% Savings

20 1/2 Hour Sessions

$ 180

25% Savings

40 1/2 Hour Sessions

$ 270

50% Savings

10 1 Hour Sessions

$ 180

10% Savings

20 1 Hour Sessions

$ 300

25% Savings

40 1 Hour Sessions

$ 400

50% Savings

10 All-Day Sessions

$ 240

10% Savings

20 All-Day Sessions

$ 400

25% Savings

40 All-Day Sessions

$ 600

50% Savings

Savings based on $12 for 1/2 hour, $20 for 1 hour, or $30 for an All-Day pass.

You can purchase these by requesting them using our contact form or at our location.

Summer Fun, Summer Savings at Lazer Warz

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Summer has arrived

We here at Lazer Warz are excited that summer has come.  We have a lot going on, with multiple opportunities for you to save some money, have some fun, and win some exciting prizes.

Our summer Open Play hours are: Monday-Saturday: 1:00-10:00 pm and Sunday 3:00-10:00 pm.

So there is plenty of opportunity to play.  The only day we will be closed is Independence Day (the 4th of July).

Our prices are $12 for 1/2 hour and $20 for 1 hour of play.  But on Weekday afternoons, you can save 50% before 5:00pm.  On Monday-Thursday evenings (after 5:00 pm) save 25%.

We also have date nights on Friday (Buy 1, get one for 50% o ff) and Family Days on the weekends (Buy 3, get 1 free).

When you purchase an Open Play session at our register, you are also eligible for a dice roll for each session.  You can win free play and even a free party for 8 people.

We have also enhanced our game play by adding the ability to create your own Call Sign and track you results over time.  You can gain experience points (XP) which will unlock special gun types and prizes as to gain levels.  It takes just a couple of minutes to get you setup and then the more you play, the more you have available.  These are available during our Open Play at our facility.

As always, we host a great party as well for anything you want to celebrate, whether at our place or yours.

AUGUST SAVINGS – Lots of great promotional deals.

BUY 1 Hour – Play all day!

When you purchase 1 hour at our front desk, you will get the opportunity to play for the rest of the day as much as you like.  You will be guaranteed the hour up front and from that point on, you can join in any game where taggers are available.  If we are at capacity, we will rotate players in and out of games.  You can even leave and return later that day to play.

Extra Savings on All Month Passes

You can buy a pass, good for 30 days.  Play any time we are have Open Play available and taggers are not being used.  This value is worth in excess of $300.  The first 10 Purchased will cost only $50!  The next 10 will go up to $75 and the 10 after that will be $100. After we reach 30, the price will be $200.  You must purchase these at our location.

So… there is no excuse to be bored this summer, come to Lazer Warz to play laser tag!!!