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School Boosters and Clubs

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Do you help with student clubs or groups like band… or maybe sports teams?

Lazer Warz would love to partner with you for fund raising and team development activities.

We offer a unique form of laser tag that is fun for all ages, but in addition, we love to help groups like your raise funds for trips, supplies, or scholarships.

We can donate gift certificates to auctions and raffles, but beyond that, we have an interactive fund raising offering as well.

You can reserve our location any Monday-Thursday evening you will receive 50% of the laser tag session play that evening.  It can be as much as $500 for you group and all you need to do is spread the word about the event.

If this is interesting to you, call us at 360-930-9706 or email and we can talk further and set your date!

So… let us help you, and make a fun evening of it!

Youth Group Celebrations or Fund Raising!

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If you are in charge of a Youth Group, you often have to balance teaching with fun activities.

For as little as about $18.75/person for a group of 8 to less than $14/person for a group of 20 or more, you can host your youth group at our facility and get 90 minutes of our laser tag play, followed by up to 1 hour in our party room for group teaching, worship, etc.

You can book any Sunday through Thursday evening for our 5:00 pm or 7:00 pm slots.

Just use our Book your Youth Event page and put your place of worship name and youth group in the message box.

Plan on arriving 15 minutes prior to your time and pay when you arrive.

This is a great way to kick off a new lesson plan or season with your group!

Fund Raising

We can also work with you to provide laser tag as a fund raising activity.  Just pick any Monday – Thursday evening we have available and all of the 50% of the proceeds will go to your group.  We will work with you on the appropriate pricing, but you could earn as much as $450 or more depending on how many people show up to play.   All you need to do is help spread the word with your congregation.

We will have staff on hand to run the games and make sure everyone has a great time.

This could be a great way of raising extra funds for missions or summer camps.

Just call us at 360-930-9706 and we will get the process started!

Exercise and Fun for Home School Groups!

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Sometimes it’s hard to come up with a good activity that encourages the health of our kids.

Schools have their physical education classes, but what are home school parents to do?

Our laser tag sessions will definitely give your students a workout.  The last 90 minutes and allow for lots of running back and forth as you group tries our variety of game types.   It is a real heart pounding activity for kids and adults.

Sessions are available every weekday at 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM.  Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early.

We recommend getting together with other parents and scheduling a group of at least 8 people or more to play.

You can do this up to 24 hours in advance.

We will offer you a 25% discount on our group rates, which means for a group of 8 it will be about $14/player.

Deeper discounts for larger groups if they all arrive by our 15 minute early call time.

How do you sign up?  You can use our Session signups page to pick your date/time.  Put Home School group in the message to get the discount.

You can also call us at 360-930-9706 and we will help you get it organized.

Work Team Activity at less than $16/person

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When creating a team event for your company, it can be a chore to find great activities for less than $25/person and encourage friendship and communication.

Lazer Warz offers that opportunity for as little as $15.50/person (8 player minimum) without food.  Add our party room, pizzas and sodas and you get that for just about $25/person. Less per person for larger team.

Just schedule your event, at least 24 hours in advance, for a weekday session, during school days.

Our sessions start at 11:00 am, 1:oo pm, and 3:00 pm.  Play goes on for 90 minutes, so you can have pizza ready by 12:30 pm, 2:30 pm, or 4:30 pm depending on the time you pick.

All you team has to do is show up and we will provide the rest!

If you want to eat separately, you can still choose one of our three options.

All you need to do to book is fill out our form at Book our Team Event!  For less than 4-days notice, call us first for availability at 360-930-9706.  We will accommodate if we can.

End of Summer Special!

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Did you know school starts next week here in Vancouver?  That’s right, the first day of school is Wednesday, August 30th.

So… we are going celebrate (or mourn) with an end of the summer special to go along with our new session structure.

All of our 9 PM sessions will still be $9.95/person… the best deal for laser tag around.

Our 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM sessions will be 50% off (90 minutes of play only) Monday – Friday.

Our 5 PM and 7 PM sessions (90 minutes of play only) are also 50% off on Monday – Thursday.

Our Friday 5 PM and 7 PM sessions will be 33% off (90 minutes of play only) Friday.

Our Weekend Sessions (except 9:00 PM) will be 25% off (90 minutes of play only).

Make sure you book ahead to get your spot.

This deal ends when the school year begins!

New Open Play Session Format at Lazer Warz!

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We are trying something new to add more fun and excitement to Lazer Warz!

Starting on Sunday, August 20th, we are revamping our schedule to setup 90 minute laser tag sessions throughout the day.

Sessions will start at 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, 5 PM, and 7 PM.

Costs will be $24.95 for adults, $21.95 for 12 and under, and $18.95 for 8 and under.  For the kids rates, at least on adult will need to play for every 2 kids.

If requested, in advance, we will also do a special 9 PM session ($9.95/person, and there is a 6 player minimum).

Parties will also be able to start at the same times, with party rooms available after the play is finished.  Check or party calendar to actual availability.  The party room adder will be reduced to $35.  All other party prices will remain the same, but we will have set times we can offer parties.  Just use our normal party booking form here to request your party!

For groups smaller than 8, you can request a time up to 2 weeks in advance.  A non-refundable $5 deposit per person will be required to hold your space, with the balance due prior to playing.  Use our contact us page and tell us the time and number of players (and ages) and we will send you an invoice you can pay online to reserve.  You must arrive at least 20 minutes prior to your start time, or you will forfeit the deposit.  We will open up availability for walk-ins 15 minutes early.

Use our sign-up sheet here.

You can still purchase 30 minute or 60 minute sessions, but they will be limited to available time left in the session.

As a special offer, the first person to sign up and pay will get their session for just $9.95. Deposit emails will be sent when 6 people sign-up online and credit for the special rate will go to the first one who pays.  Otherwise it goes to the first person who signs up on the day of session at our location.

When you sign up for a session, you can get any other session, that day, for $9.95.  So come and play all day.

Parties have just gotten better at Lazer Warz.

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You have lots of choices for parties at Lazer Warz.  Sometimes it can be confusing.

Laser Tag Only

First, for those on a budget, you can choose our battle simulation only parties.  This will be 1-hour of laser tag starting at 8 taggers for $152.

You can make it your group only for an additional $84.

If you have more people, you can upgrade to a 10, 12, 16 or 20 person party.  Prices are listed here.

Did you want more?

A step about is reserving our party room for an additional $35.  We provide the room for 1 1/2 hours, including tables, camouflage table clothes, fridge/freezer, shelves and unlimited use of our X-BOX, Play Station, and Wii systems during your party.  What a great deal.  You bring the food, plates, silverware, and people.

Or… we can do it all for you with our new Deluxe Party offering.

Our parties, like our facility will be military themed!

We will provide the pizza’s of your choice, soda, and a military themed cake for your special occasion, and all the party plates, etc needed.  All you will need to do is bring the guests and presents.    Each guest will also be given a 1/2 hour pass, good for 30 days from your party date for even more play. This will be our party room ($35 charge) + an additional $20/person.

You will receive one large pizza and 1 2-L Soda for every 4 people in the package.

We do require booking to be completed one week prior to the event for this option.

If you prefer a different theme, just let us know and we will try to accommodate.

All other options can be done within 4 days.

So book your party today!

Lazer Warz Flash Sale – 33% off – Ends Sunday June 4th!

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Do you have a party you are planning for July 2017 or later?

You can book your party today and save 33% on the costs.  The party must be sometime betwen July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.  To take advantage of this deal, fill out the form and put “FLASH33” in the special notes field.  You must pay by June 4th, 2017 to get this deal.  If you book by 9:00 pm on June 4th, you will get an invoice.  So book early.

If you do not have a date selected, but know you want a party, you can purchase a gift certificate by filling out the form and putting “gift certificate” in the date field.  Same savings for you.

This is a flash sale and you must pay by 11:59 pm on Sunday. All invoices will be cancelled after that.

You will be able to upgrade your party later if you have more players, but those upgrades will be at regular rates.  If you want a mobile party, we need the address where you want to play in order for you to get the discount on our mileage fee.

Any fees or upgrades added after the expiration date of this deal will be at regular price.

The Games We Play

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Here at Lazer Warz we have a large variety of games that you can select during your sessions or parties.


Free for Alls:

  • Deathmatch – Most kills wins! Everyone selects their gun each time they respawn
  • Random Weapons – Most kills wins!  Each time you respawn, you get a random weapon
  • Gun Game – Most kills wins! Each kill gives you a better gun, but a death resets you back
  • One in the Chamber – Most kills wins! – Single shot… get a kill, get another shot.  Otherwise you wait.
  • Highlander – Most kills wins! One of you is a super soldier.  If you kill them, you become one.
  • Hunting Games – Be the last person standing and choose your own weapons.  Each time you kill someone, you gain an extra life.

Team battles:

  •   Deathmatch – Team with the most kills wins!  Everyone selects their gun each time they respawn
  •   Random Weapons – Team with the most kills wins! Each time you respawn with a random weapon
  •   Gun Game – Team with the most kills wins! Each player gets a better gun with each individual kill
  •   VIP – Protect your team leader.  If they get killed, your team loses.
  •   King of the Hill – Capture the center of the field and hold it.  Gain points for how long you control it.
  •   SuperSoldier – A small team of super soldiers must defend themselves from a raging horde.
  •   Kids vs Adults – Team with most kills wins.  Kids are given an advantage.
  •   Capture the Flag – Team with most capture and returns of the opposition flag wins!
  •   Musket Wars – Team with most kills wins.  Playing like its 1776.

One vs. One Games – Both players have to respawn with each kill.

  •   Deathmatch – Choose you gun type when you respawn.
  •   Random Weapons – Respawn with a random weapon.
  •   Linked weapons – Both players respawn with the same random weapon

Other Games

  •   Red Rover – 2 to 4 teams! Be the last team standing.  Kill a player and they join your team.
  •   Infection – Try to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  Each player becomes a Zombie when killed.
  •   Zombie Holdout – Like Infection, except Zombies have to respawn at their base.
  •   Tag – Shoot someone and they become “it”.
  •   Hide and Seek – The Seeker shoots everyone as they find them.
  •   Gauntlet – Can you make it across the field and back?  Get to blue teams base and shoot it… then kill all blue players to win.

Check back as we introduce new games all the time.

Monthly Passes Now Available

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Did you enjoy your time playing laser tag with us?

Are you looking to do this on a regular basis?

It is great fun and it’s great exercise. But the price can add up in a hurry!

How about a monthly pass deal?

You can play ALL-DAY, ANY-DAY with limited exceptions.  Come and go as you please!

To do this everyday would cost up to $900 if you just walked in.  But we are going to save you $750.  That’s right… the price is only $150 $100 a month. – PRICED REDUCED

What is the fine print on this “too good to be true” offer.   Well, there are some conditions…

1. The pass is valid only during Open-Play times and cannot be combined with any other deal.

2. You cannot use the pass during certain parties – our calendar will say “NO TAGGERS AVAILABLE”

3. If we have a full house, you will be the first players asked to sit out a round or two while our hour and half-hour purchasers play.

4. Unlike our daily ALL-DAY pass, there is no 90 minute guarantee of play with the monthly pass.

5. These rules apply even if you use them in conjunction with a purchased party.  In other words, if you use the monthly pass for a party you booked for extra taggers that day… we do not guarantee those taggers will be available and we will not reserve them for you.  Your players may be bumped if other walk-in guests arrive and they are not usable during “EXCLUSIVE USE” parties at all.

That’s it… that’s the limits.

So for $150 $100 for a month, you can play all month.

Want to save even more?  Buy a June pass today and you can purchase your July pass for just $50 more!