The Games We Play

By May 20, 2017News

Here at Lazer Warz we have a large variety of games that you can select during your sessions or parties.


Free for All:

        Kill everyone! For the normal Free for all we can use any of are guns.

Free for all, Gun Game: – NEW GAME

        Except every kill upgrades your gun and every death weakens your gun.

Free for all, Gun Game Hard mode:

        Like  Gun Game except if you die you restart form the beginning.

Free for all, Random Weapon:

        When you die you get a random weapon.

Free for all, SuperSoldier – NEW GAME

        One person is a SuperSoldier, stronger then the rest, but if you kill him or her you become the SuperSoldier

Free for All, One in the Chamber:

        This game is all about accuracy, with only a single shot at a time and that shot can kill anyone.


Team battle

        Red vs Blue team battle, we can use any of are guns for this game mode

Team battle, Gun Game

        Red vs blue, but with the Gun Game rules

Team battle, Random Weapons

        Red vs blue, but with Randomly changing guns

Team battle, kids vs adults

        Ever want to kill your kids?

Team Battle, SuperSoldier

        A team of SuperSoldiers must survive for as long as they can



        The zombie apocalypse has come, how long can you survive


        Tag your it!

Zombie holdout

        Can you defend yourself and your friends against a horde of zombies?


PLUS we have a couple of other games that you will only learn about if you come in…. so come in today!