The Games We Play

By May 20, 2017News

Here at Lazer Warz we have a large variety of games that you can select during your sessions or parties.


Free for Alls:

  • Deathmatch – Most kills wins! Everyone selects their gun each time they respawn
  • Random Weapons – Most kills wins!  Each time you respawn, you get a random weapon
  • Gun Game – Most kills wins! Each kill gives you a better gun, but a death resets you back
  • One in the Chamber – Most kills wins! – Single shot… get a kill, get another shot.  Otherwise you wait.
  • Highlander – Most kills wins! One of you is a super soldier.  If you kill them, you become one.
  • Hunting Games – Be the last person standing and choose your own weapons.  Each time you kill someone, you gain an extra life.

Team battles:

  •   Deathmatch – Team with the most kills wins!  Everyone selects their gun each time they respawn
  •   Random Weapons – Team with the most kills wins! Each time you respawn with a random weapon
  •   Gun Game – Team with the most kills wins! Each player gets a better gun with each individual kill
  •   VIP – Protect your team leader.  If they get killed, your team loses.
  •   King of the Hill – Capture the center of the field and hold it.  Gain points for how long you control it.
  •   SuperSoldier – A small team of super soldiers must defend themselves from a raging horde.
  •   Kids vs Adults – Team with most kills wins.  Kids are given an advantage.
  •   Capture the Flag – Team with most capture and returns of the opposition flag wins!
  •   Musket Wars – Team with most kills wins.  Playing like its 1776.

One vs. One Games – Both players have to respawn with each kill.

  •   Deathmatch – Choose you gun type when you respawn.
  •   Random Weapons – Respawn with a random weapon.
  •   Linked weapons – Both players respawn with the same random weapon

Other Games

  •   Red Rover – 2 to 4 teams! Be the last team standing.  Kill a player and they join your team.
  •   Infection – Try to survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  Each player becomes a Zombie when killed.
  •   Zombie Holdout – Like Infection, except Zombies have to respawn at their base.
  •   Tag – Shoot someone and they become “it”.
  •   Hide and Seek – The Seeker shoots everyone as they find them.
  •   Gauntlet – Can you make it across the field and back?  Get to blue teams base and shoot it… then kill all blue players to win.

Check back as we introduce new games all the time.