Team Reward/Team Building

By August 31, 2016Uncategorized

My team works hard and produces.  It is time to reward them for a job well done.

But I want more than to just reward them.  I want to create a team that are friends, because people work better when they like the people they work with.

How do I do this?

Let me tell you an experience I had back in the early 90’s.  I went to work for Zenith Data System (a computer manufacturer of the time), in one of their laptop groups.  We have about a dozen engineers working together on various projects.

A couple of these engineers had a hobby called paintball.  It is a game where they would go out into the woods and fight with each other with guns that shot exploding paint balls… thus the name.

They spent a lot of time at work trying to convince the rest of us to join in and several of us did.

What we found the experience, and afterwards, is that we grew close as a team because of the shared experience and the stories we could talk about afterwards.

But paintball has a problem.  It stings when you get shot and not everyone likes that experience.

Well I can think of an alternative.  You could do a nerf gun war, like this video.

But, man what a mess to clean up.

Or you could try laser tag.  Our laser tag plays games similar to paint-ball and feels like a live-action video game.

You could do this at your location, like our friends at Whole Foods did.

Or you could come to our location.

Either way, you will give your team and experience they will talk about for a long time.  That talking is where the real friendship happens.

So, whatever you decide, look for the opportunity to reward your team with an experience to get them talking.

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