My Kids need more exercise.

By August 20, 2016News

We all know that exercise is important, both to us and to our kids.

I like this article on the benefits of exercise.

Everyday it seems to be the same. You get home from work and the kids are sitting in front of the computer or in front of the TV. Couch potatoes.

You tell them to go outside and play and they make excuses. Just let me finish the show or let me get to the next level.

The next thing you know, its bedtime and they haven’t gotten any exercise all day.

How can you change this?

It’s true that there are many free ways of getting them the exercise, but sometimes its just hard to motivate them without an incentive that means something to them.

What if exercise was like playing a live-action video game?

What if you could do this for minimal cost?

We at Lazer Warz understand what you are going through. I have kids and know how hard it can be to get them moving.

We also have a solution. A plan you can try.

Bring them here to enjoy a type of laser tag that plays like a live-action video game. They create their own in-game player and gain experience points as they run on our field shooting the competition. They more points they gain, the more prizes they open up. That could mean advanced gun types, tee-shirts, free-play, or the opportunity to challenge our staff. Earn enough points and they may even get a party for 8 of their friends. Check out more HERE.

Cost can be as little as $10/hour to play (or less if you use our all-day pass approach). You can find out more about our location and prices HERE.

Let’s get those kids moving today!