Fund Raising Opportunities For Your Organization

By March 20, 2016News

Are you looking for a unique fund raiser?

We have a couple of ideas to help you raise money by using our laser tag opportunities.

One is have us provide a gift certificate for a raffle or auction.  We limit these to one per month so call us early to arrange.

A second is to use our facility to host a fundraiser.  We will provide the laser tag equipment, referees and organize all the games.  Will will split the proceeds 50/50 to help you meet your goals.

You can also rent out our location for a fixed cost ($200/hour) and pocket all of the proceeds for the laser tag and video game activities.  Arcade and vending machine use are excluded, due to the machines being owned by 3rd parties.

You can also hire us for your event at your location.

We are willing to discuss any proposals you may have as well for how we can help you.

Just contact us and lets help you help others.